Blender 3D Rendering How-to See the Camera Scene View

Blender 3D Camera View

The Blender Tip Show How-to Look/See the Blender 3D Scene from the Camera Perspective or Point-of-View.

There are Several Blender Perspectives and You are also Able to Rotate the Point-of-View of the 3D Scene.

Blender How-to Camera Perspective View- Featured

On a Desktop Use the Numeric Pad to Change of Perspective.
On Laptop Need first to Select on the Top “Input” and then on Bottom “Emulate Pad”.

First Click on the 3D Scene!

Hit the “0” on the Numeric Pad to See Scene from the Camera Perspective.

Blender 3D See Scene from Camera Perspective/Point-of-View - Camera Perspective

Then Hit the “0Again on the Numeric Pad to Return to the Default User Perspective.